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Unlock your potential and bridge the communication gap with DigiDeaf's empowering courses. From skill development for the deaf to inclusive sign language training for all, join us in creating an inclusive society.

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Worlds First AI course In Sign Language

Welcome to a groundbreaking learning experience at DigiDeaf, where we proudly present the world’s first Inclusive AI course in sign language. Our commitment to inclusivity is at the core of every lesson, creating a space where learning truly knows no boundaries. Designed primarily in sign language to cater to the needs of the deaf community, DigiDeaf extends a warm invitation to learners of all backgrounds. Whether you’re hearing, differently-abled, or simply passionate about embracing diversity, join us on this transformative journey of learning and discovery.

Introduction to Generative AI | AI in sign language Part 1

Speak with Sign Language | Workshop on basic sign language

Sign Language Workshop

Hello and welcome to our Sign Language Workshop video! In this recording, we're going to guide you through the basics of sign language, covering everything from greetings and numbers to family terms, emotions, and more. Additionally, we'll share a personal story that illustrates the profound impact of sign language in real-life situations. It serves as a heartwarming reminder of how sign language can connect people and overcome communication barriers.

Learn Basic Sign Language

Welcome to our Sign Language Workshop video! In this recording, we'll teach you the basics of sign language, from greetings to numbers, family terms, emotions, and more. We'll also share a personal story that shows the power of sign language in real life. It's a touching reminder of how sign language can bridge communication gaps. If you're eager to continue learning sign language, visit our website at There, you'll find a library of sign language videos covering individual signs, phrases, and cultural insights, so you can dive deeper into this beautiful form of communication.

Learn to Communicate in sign language | Workshop on basic sign language

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Start, switch or advance your career with our Online Courses made inclusive in Sign Language.

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Recreate life and have fun with our Inclusive Tours, Educational Excursions, Yoga & Meditation sessions all made inclusive in Sign Language.

Sign Language Interpretation

Unlock inclusivity for your events, content, and workspace. Bridge the communication gap with our expert sign language interpretation services. Connect with us today.

Sakina Batool — Founder & CEO.

"Your hearing impairment won't stop you from chasing your dream"

Sakina Batool, is profoundly Deaf, she faced many difficulties while learning, mostly because there were no learning programs for deaf individuals in sign language. So, she Founded DigiDeaf, an all in one Capacity-Building platform for everyone, so that their disabilities will not stop them form chasing their dreams.

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Sign Language Instructor

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Graphic Designer

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